eZenith is

eZenith is a computerized maintenance management systems design to help maintenance departments reduce costly downtime, control expenses, increase labor productivity, track spare parts inventories and costs, effective deploy available personnel and equipment, improve the efficiency of purchasing parts and maintain data required for reporting and control. eZenith is modular in design and is extremely user friendly with numerous on-line help available.
It also supports WEB & Mobile technology and will work with various SQL databases.

Maintenance Module

Work Orders

  • ▶ Allows for creation of Work Orders with detailed planning information - work plan, schedule, costs, equipment with related documents and report generation.
  • ▶ Create work requests for approval by maintenance supervisors on the Work Request Screen.
  • ▶ Record maintenance work and close work orders on the Work Order screen.
  • ▶ Track all labour, material and contract costs by work orders.
  • ▶ Create budgets for each equipment or cost centre.


  • ▶ Analyse budgets or estimates against actual hours and costs incurred.

Planning and Scheduling

  • ▶ Allows parts reservation for each work order based on planning estimates.
  • ▶ Schedule work orders based on their priority.
  • ▶ Maintain downtime information by equipment and equipment class.
  • ▶ Generate work orders for project work with the costs involved.


  • ▶ Maintain closed work order history for reference and analysis.

Equipment / Facility

  • ▶ Create and maintain detailed information on each equipment or facility records including schematics and diagrams.
  • ▶ Tracks maintenance costs for each piece of equipment or facility through time and locations.
  • ▶ Maintain detailed information on each particular equipment class or code.
  • ▶ Build equipment hierarchies to track costs of maintenance through out all levels of production.
  • ▶ Maintain fault codes to record equipment problems for analysis by fault types.
  • ▶ Maintains records of vendors for each equipment or facility.
  • ▶ Tie service contracts and warranties to each equipment.

PM Module

  • ▶ Generate preventive maintenance work orders based on usage, calendar or both.
  • ▶ Track forecast of the next preventive maintenance dates for each equipment or facility..
  • ▶ Generate routes work orders, for lubrication, calibration and routine maintenance work or repetitive work.
  • ▶ Allows scheduling of preventive maintenance work to be held during off peak periods.
  • ▶ Interface to Predictive Maintenance.

Time & Materials

  • ▶ Allows entry of Labour and Materials used for on-going work.
  • ▶ Tracks productive, non-productive and delay time for labour.
  • ▶ Tracks quantity and costs of material used for on-going work by work order.
  • ▶ Track cost of material and services supplied by out-source contract vendors by work order.

Personnel Module

  • ▶ Create craft records for each maintenance personnel.
  • ▶ Create and maintain charge rates and pay rates for by craft codes for each employee.
  • ▶ Track productive, non productive, vacation, and overtime refused by employee.
  • ▶ Assign purchasing authority with high and low limits.
  • ▶ Report on planned and actual labour usage by work group or by employee.

Work Flow Management

  • ▶ New Work Flow Management Allows Work Process to flow from request to order to close with ease.
  • ▶ Allows Users to define which employee has approval status for Work Orders and / or Purchase Orders.
  • ▶ Automatically updates users screen to new requests or orders.
  • ▶ Allows User Overrides for Work Orders and Purchase Orders approvals.